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William Burroughs with a Jack-O-Lantern he carved with a hatchet, October 31, 1996

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War of the Worlds

This Halloween episode of Mercury Theater on the Air, directed and narrated by Orson B. Welles, aired 75 years ago on Oct. 30, 1938.  It was an adaptation of another Wells, H.G. Wells, of his 1898 sci-fi classic, The War of the Worlds. … Continue reading

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Hands-on organization

The biggest challenge for most middle school students is organization. It is difficult for them to manage all their academic responsibilities, even remembering which materials to bring to class. Though you will repeat what their homework is, have it written … Continue reading

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“Tongue of the Hidden”

The poet Hafez of Shiraz, the most famous Persian poet from the 14th century, is still the most quoted, most admired, most praised, most memorized poet in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikhistan. Known as The Teller of Secrets, he used the language … Continue reading

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Taking care of loose ends

Today my mother and I straightened out the timing of her Parkinson medications with the nurse in her retirement home. We measured new pants my sister bought her to see if they needed to be shortened. We ate chocolate. I … Continue reading

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We the people have been “rickrolled!”

We have been working hard to understand the words of the Constitution. We are almost done with Article I and tomorrow we have a preamble test. To lighten things up a bit, I decided to play Schoolhouse Rock’s “The Preamble” … Continue reading

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Robert Capa (1913-1954)

Today is the 100th anniversary of Robert Capa’s birth (1913-1954). He was a war photographer, killed in Vietnam (embedded with French troops) after stepping on a land mine. Born in Budapest to Jewish parents, he lived in Berlin, Paris, and … Continue reading

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The rhythm method

I have two very kinesthetic students. They are also very charismatic so when they get to tapping or drumming or banging on their desks, it moves others to join in the percussive activity. I know these two students are actually … Continue reading

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“Immortal Longings” by Robert Pinsky

Inside the silver body Slowing as it banks through veils of cloud We float separately in our seats Like the cells or atoms of one Creature, needs And states of a shuddering god. Under him, a thirsty brilliance. Pulsing or … Continue reading

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Fall from the Garden

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