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“Shirt” by Robert Pinsky

The back, the yoke, the yardage. Lapped seams, The nearly invisible stitches along the collar Turned in a sweatshop by Koreans or Malaysians  xxx Gossiping over tea and noodles on their break Or talking money or politics while one fitted … Continue reading

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“Immortal Longings” by Robert Pinsky

Inside the silver body Slowing as it banks through veils of cloud We float separately in our seats Like the cells or atoms of one Creature, needs And states of a shuddering god. Under him, a thirsty brilliance. Pulsing or … Continue reading

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Death and the Powers

Last night we saw Death and The Powers: A Robots’ Opera,  a new opera composed by Tod Machover and developed by the MIT Media Lab, along with the vision of The American Repertoire Theater and Chicago Opera Theater. The main … Continue reading

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