“Tongue of the Hidden”

The poet Hafez of Shiraz, the most famous Persian poet from the 14th century, is still the most quoted, most admired, most praised, most memorized poet in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikhistan. Known as The Teller of Secrets, he used the language and metaphor of human love to describe his mystic intoxication with the divine.

This gorgeous animation is based on two of Hafez’s poems— the “Peacock” and the “Fish”— translated by Jila Peacock, an Iranian born artist, who has recently published her English translation of Ten Poems of Hafez. She has illustrated the book as well as drawn the calligraphic images for the animation utilizing the Persian tradition of using the words of the poems themselves to create them. She also narrates the film.

This animation was directed by David Alexander Anderson and the production work done by company Animate.

To listen to this animation in English, click here (the english starts about a minute in), but I urge you to listen to the farsi in the video above.

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