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The story will lead you where you need to go

First week back. A cold is imminent– my throat is scratchy and nose is running. I am not at my peak of energy. A few months ago, the students wrote a personal narrative, a story from their lives that has … Continue reading

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Muto by Blu

Blu is an italian artist who is very involved in the street art scene around the world. He has created many animated pieces involving stop action. The one below, Muto, was created on the streets of Buenos Aires in 2007-2008. … Continue reading

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Orchids and my narcissistic minute of fame

We went to the orchid show at the Chicago Botanic Gardens today. A ritual at this time of year– our birthdays and anniversary— to purchase at least one stunning and celebratory orchid (actually all orchids are pretty stunning and celebratory). … Continue reading

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Buried in Installments

JB and I are now on the payment plan for our funerals. For the two of us, burial costs are nearly as much as a new car (which we also need to purchase this summer). We got the bare bones … Continue reading

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Birthday Poem for JB

Liquids are a state of matter xxxxx– quoted from, rearranged, and inspired by “Liquids,” Wikipedia Liquids are a state of matter Liquids readily flow. Liquids assume the shape of a container. Liquids will distribute applied pressure evenly to every surface … Continue reading

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Renunciation by Kazim Ali

“The Sailor cannot see the North—but he knows the Needle can—” The books were all torn apart, sliced along the spines Light filled all the openings that she in her silence renounced Still: her handwriting on the papers remembered us … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor died today. She was a cultural icon, Hollywood legend, and full-fledged, lifelong, American celebrity. I actually met her once. I used to teach at the Chicago Academy for the Arts, first as an art teacher and then as … Continue reading

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