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What makes writing compelling?

Every summer I serve as one of the judges for a writing competition sponsored by a local civic organization. I usually get about 50 entries to read and am given a rubric to apply as I evaluate the submissions. Each … Continue reading

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Artist Friday: Cal Lane

Cal Lane is a remarkable young artist who takes the raw ruggedness of steel and iron and the delicateness and sensitivity of lace, combining a male material with a feminine one, to create very provocative and seductive sculptures. She calls … Continue reading

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Many years ago, I was at my aunt’s house and she was going to throw away a stack of postcards that my grandmother had saved. She said she didn’t know who any of these people were and she was just … Continue reading

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Lost Cell Phone

I left my cell phone in an antique store about 200 miles from home. We didn’t discover its absence until we were 100 miles closer to our front door. My son had received a call from my sister’s partner. Apparently … Continue reading

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The elders…

This past weekend we celebrated my mother and her twin’s birthday. They are presently 83 and along with their peers are suffering from a mounting list of ailments. My mother has Parkinson’s and has recently begun to “freeze” among her … Continue reading

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The Morning Guy

One of my favorite short films….

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And to Begin….

Today I met with a young teacher who will be teaching 8th grade for the first time this fall. She had worked at my school some years ago as a 6th grade teacher, but moved east and has been a … Continue reading

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