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“Katachi” by Shugo Tokumaru

In our latest communication with IB in Japan, he said that he has recently found the music of Shugo Tokumaru to be phenomenal. This musician composes, writes the lyrics, mixes, and performs his music, controlling every aspect of it. He … Continue reading

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Aesthetically strolling my inner arm

I was starting to read a new book I picked up today (Boy, Snow, Bird by Helen Oyeyemi) and I noticed my arm. I had just read the first few sentences and my eyes happened to drift down where I saw … Continue reading

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Centering Beauty

Michael Gardener, ceramic artist.

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Turkish Marbling

I came across this gorgeous video of the Turkish marbler, Seyit Uygur, which was created by his own son, Oguz Uygur, who is a filmmaker and photographer. The art of marbling itself (ebru in Turkish) is said to have emerged and … Continue reading

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Shugo Tokumaru “Katachi”

Katachi means “shape” as it relates to the essence of Japanese design: its form, symmetry, and workmanship. It also embodies the Japanese design aesthetic of the synergistic union of functionality and beauty. It usually refers to the manipulation of more … Continue reading

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Transitory stitching

I bought myself a kimono jacket from a street vendor inside the Fushimi-Inari Taisha shrine in Kyoto. We had seen the stand after we first entered the shrine and thought we would visit it on our way back but were … Continue reading

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Karesansui—Sand and Stone Garden

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The aesthetics of anal retention

Each teacher at our school has a small group of advisees for whom we are advocates. Each grade level has certain goals and issues to address with their advisees, one of which is to help 8th graders become more organized. … Continue reading

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The wabi-sabi of journey

Tonight JB suggested we go to our favorite Japanese restaurant. He has been suggesting Japanese food very often lately—picking up sushi from Whole Foods, making miso soup, looking for seaweed salad… It’s probably no accident that we have used Japanese … Continue reading

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