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“The Court, I fear, has ventured into a minefield.”

Indeed. I totally agree with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Dissent in Hobby Lobby/ Conestoga v Burris 2014, having just read her intelligent, assertive, unmitigated dissent. SCOTUS agreed in a 5-4 decision that corporations could effectively opt out of the contraceptive … Continue reading

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Piranesi descends

Years ago when I taught at the Chicago Academy for the Arts, JB and I attended an auction as a fund-raiser for the school. We purchased a (poorly printed) Piranesi etching printed from his original plate, part of his prison series … Continue reading

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Koji Kakinuma

Calligraphy and lettering have always held a magical place in my soul. I have written before about the fact that my father was a sign painter (a job no longer really needed with the advent of technology) and how mesmerized … Continue reading

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Or not

Yesterday I went to see Gregory at his Alzheimer care facility. Michael, his partner of over 35 years, was visiting as well and I brought each of them a no-foam skim latte. Gregory’s meds have been changed. His previous meds had caused … Continue reading

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Nature’s reciprocal gaze

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The Danish Poet

This charming tale is narrated by Liv Ullman. It won the 2006 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. It was directed, produced, and animated by Torill Kove, co-produced by the National Film Board of Canada and Norway’s MikroFilm AS.

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Creative dislocations

Today I attended the memorial service of an old teacher of mine, John Fish. He was an activist, teacher, pastor, co-founder of the ACM Urban Studies Program, founder of the Princeton Project ’55. He was on boards and an active … Continue reading

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Audacious Volunteer— Feverfew

The mystery plant in our garden has finally revealed itself—Feverfew or Bachelor’s Buttons. In the place where we grow kale and next to the squash, the hollyhock, garlic, and potatoes, this healthy volunteer appeared early in the spring. Because it … Continue reading

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10,000 more times

I have to admit that doing t’ai chi (translated as “infinity”) outdoors is sublime. While you are concentrating on the various movements and the graceful transitions between them, there is a piece of your awareness that is also whirling in the nature around you. … Continue reading

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“Western Civilization” by Peter Jay Shippy

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