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So old school

When we first moved into our house almost 26 years ago, the former occupants left a push mower. We have been using that push mower ever since. No gas to buy. No loud noises. Just a bit of elbow grease … Continue reading

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La meilleure excursion française

Hier, j’etait la chaperone pour une excursion de la classe française au restaurant La Sardine et alors a l’Institut d’Art de Chicago. Je mangeais la salade et le saumon et la mousse de chocolat. J’avais une conversation intéressante avec trois … Continue reading

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Maya Angelou RIP 1928-2014


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Garden reciprocity

  To the left is the list so far of what we have added to the back garden this summer. We’re not quite finished yet, but have accomplished a lot these last two weekends. Tending to this garden is a … Continue reading

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A Memorial Day created by former slaves

Though Memorial Day was first formally declared in 1868 by General Logan, in charge of the GAR—an organization of Civil War vets, in order to decorate the graves of those who died in the Civil War, there are many cities … Continue reading

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A stunning and extraordinary film

JB and I saw a remarkable movie this afternoon, Ida, directed by Pawel Pawlikowski. It’s a story about a young novitiate, Anna, who is told by her Mother Superior that she must visit her only living relative, an Aunt in … Continue reading

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“Happiness” by Jane Kenyon

There’s just no accounting for happiness, or the way it turns up like a prodigal who comes back to the dust at your feet having squandered a fortune far away. And how can you not forgive? You make a feast … Continue reading

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The Y chromosome

I came into the classroom this morning and found three of the boys in my advisory laying on the big table tossing wads of paper or colored markers or paper plates toward the tall wastebasket in the corner of the room. … Continue reading

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Mystery and inspiration in the reading of confluence

24 hours ago our friend successfully came out of open heart surgery which included a replacement of an aortic valve. Three days ago I became aware of  the passing of an old college friend, who, unbeknownst to me, was a college … Continue reading

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Reading outside

We went outside to read today. To read To Kill a Mockingbird. The weather was perfect, the story absorbing. There was no rush and, though outside, no major distractions. With a soft breeze blowing, most of us were quietly engaged … Continue reading

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