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42 second unscripted thought poems

My son is doing an audio project where each day he is recording 42 seconds of what he calls an unscripted thought poem. The link is to the right under blogroll and well worth your visit. It is amazing how … Continue reading

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Ah, but Basil is so much more….

I was busy today harvesting many of our herbs in the garden. Herbs are awesome because they add such a wonderful flavor to the foods we cook and in the dead of winter, sprinkling our dried herbs into our food … Continue reading

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The most delicious homework

Next week I go back to work and my husband and I decided to mark the occasion by going out to eat. We wanted it to be special so we decided to go to the Dining Room at Kendall College. … Continue reading

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Time to empty the cart

On the way to the farmer’s market today I saw a woman pushing a grocery cart, filled with what I assume was all she owned. You know whom I am talking about. You’ve seen her before. The bags in the … Continue reading

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Botanic Gardens

I’m going back to work next week so today seemed to be perfect for an early morning walk through the Botanic Gardens. In fact, we were so early, the park had on all its sprinklers and what started out as … Continue reading

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This Rebus Heap

This last June I attended a writing workshop in Exeter, New Hampshire where I worked at being a poet. Here is a draft of a poem I have been working on since then and would relish any feedback. (Hmmm… I … Continue reading

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They are all Joyce Thompsons!

I was cleaning my studio today and came across this stray piece of paper. Last winter I was on my way to the dentist and a man with a small child was pulling into traffic from a McDonald’s parking lot … Continue reading

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Rebus by Jane Hirshfield

Rebus by Jane Hirshfield You work with what you are given, the red clay of grief, the black clay of stubbornness going on after. Clay that tastes of care or carelessness, clay that smells of the bottoms of rivers or … Continue reading

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Necklaces, Part I

I wear specific necklaces everyday. They are my uniform. I have worn one of them for close to 30 years. Occasionally a new necklace or embellishment will appear as they are given as important gifts from friends. The piece I … Continue reading

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Liu Bolin

Liu Bolin is a Chinese performance artist presently represented by the Eli Klein Gallery in New York. His work, in part inspired by the closing of the artists village in north Beijing in 2005 to make room for building for … Continue reading

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