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Why witches only hang out with black cats

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The cayenne comes inside

Yes, today was a blustery October day. Almost November. Time for the cayenne to come inside. Yanked by its roots, it is hanging upside down in the stairwell from the kitchen to the upstairs bedroom, between my paintings “Toledo is … Continue reading

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For Olivia

It’s Saturday. Saturdays rock for lots of reasons. No school. No commitments. Time for self. Time for family and friends. Growing up, I spent every Saturday at the Toledo Museum of Art, from the 4th or 5th grade through the … Continue reading

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Stroke of Insight

Last weekend JB went to visit a good friend of his in Indiana and met Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, who was working with his friend, Joe Lamantia, to create a large, uber life-sized model of the brain, which will be used to … Continue reading

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“Ladder” by Jane Hirshfield

A man tips back his chair, all evening. Years later, the ladder of small indentations still marks the floor. Walking across it, then stopping. Rarely are what is spoken and what is meant the same. Mostly the mouth says one … Continue reading

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Or not

Driving to school today, listening to NPR,  I was jolted by the name of one of the commentator’s whose first name was the same name as the man I almost married about 40 years ago. I surprised myself at this … Continue reading

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When is a book a book II

In a continuing effort to expose my students to books that play with format and structure in unique and creative ways, as well as possibly providing evidence for why we need to continue to publish books we can hold in … Continue reading

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Ah, Fred Astaire…

This is how I wanted to feel today….

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Wish me luck

We started the Constitution last week, that is, the context around the Constitution and are starting the meat of it tomorrow. We looked at the Declaration of Independence and connected it to John Locke and the Natural Rights philosophy. We … Continue reading

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I have become the Cyclops

Today in minyan, a light beam from the windows struck me and my prayerbook. My mind drifted back to another light.  A long time ago. To our shtetl shul in Toledo — Sharei Zedeck, where the older women all sat upstairs, … Continue reading

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