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When is a book a book VI: or a wall or a bench or a floor

Rodney LaTourelle, artist, and Thilo Folkerts, landscape architect, created Le Jardin de la Connaisance (Garden of Knowledge) in 2010 in Quebec, an environmental piece created in the outdoors of 40,000 books forming walls and benches and floors. The idea was … Continue reading

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(W)Right here in Rogers Park

It may be December, but there are three new buds on our rose bush in the front yard and the mint is flourishing all over the garden. The temperature is in the mid-60s. Beautiful day. After my qigong class, JB … Continue reading

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A beautifully moving film brought to my attention by my friend MH. “A film about place and memory, a farmhouse in Japan, and the lives of the people who called it home.”

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When is a book a book III: book as architecture

King Mindon Min (1808-1878) of Burma created the largest book in the world. It’s a book you need to walk through in order to read, but a book nonetheless. He was afraid that Buddhist teachings would be lost with the … Continue reading

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In the Table: SOILED

SOILED Magazine (see “Shameless Promotion“) had their opening at our “In the Table” gallery. The editor, my son (co-editor), and the art director spent the day putting their artwork and interactive stations together in preparation for the big event. As … Continue reading

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