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Selected before need

Zen koan found on my morning walk in the cemetery near our house.

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Take me out to the ballgame

IB, his two Japanese guests, JB, and I all went to a Cubs game Tuesday night. The Cubs are somehow quite renowned in Japan and the guests were thrilled with this opportunity. We had bleacher seats (general seating) so we … Continue reading

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Squash weeps…

…when it is harvested from the garden.

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The Tea Party is the American Taliban

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On fire

Friends of IB’s from Japan are visiting from Osaka this week. We went for hamburgers for lunch, a typical American experience. This particular restaurant had a wall of hot sauces to choose from. We had fun experimenting with the variety … Continue reading

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“Legitimate Rape” by the Renegade Raging Grannies

As one commenter, pdrydia, said, this is “why aging is something to look forward to.”

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RIP Neil Armstrong 1930-2012

I was nineteen years old when Armstrong and Aldrin walked on the moon. I remember before I went to bed that night, after watching lots of shaky footage on television of the moon walk, how I stared long and hard … Continue reading

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Library of Babel

Today is the Argentinian writer, Jorge Luis Borges’, birthday (1899-1986). His work is filled with conundrums, mazes, mirrors, dreams, fantasies, illusions, surrealism, labyrinths, puzzles, mathematical permutations. He wrote about fictional writers, books, and places as if factual and real with … Continue reading

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“Water Picture” by May Swenson

In the pond in the park all things are doubled: Long buildings hang and wriggle gently. Chimneys are bent legs bouncing on clouds below. A flag wags like a fishhook down there in the sky. The arched stone bridge is … Continue reading

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Good to be OM

In two years our house will be 100 years old. We have already gotten a new roof, the windows and front porch painted, with all rotted wood replaced. Now we have a new gate for easy access to the side … Continue reading

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