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“We’re the Asian Girls”

At the end of the year, the students present a monument project to the rest of the class. After our trip to DC and a whole year dealing with lots of big ideas, it seems to be the best culminating … Continue reading

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Michalek’s slow portraiture

David Michalek, a former commercial photographer, focuses on portraiture as inspiration for his art. The series, Portraits in Dramatic Time, feature actors in a dramatic sequence which lasts between 10 to 15 seconds. This 10 seconds is then slowed way … Continue reading

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Politics in the garden too

Worked in the garden the whole day. It makes time slow d-o-w-n. Moving from one task to the next. Planting, weeding, trimming, watering, dead-heading, transplanting, fertilizing (organic, of course). I even cut the front lawn. Still much to do. Endless adjustments … Continue reading

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Twelve primary colors?!!

We humans see the world in color because of color receptors we have in our eyes. We have three types of photoreceptors (cones): blue, green, and red, which allow us to see close to a hundred different colors, pretty much … Continue reading

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Japanese toilets

One of the amazing discoveries in our travels to Japan were Japanese toilets. Though there were squat toilets (which took a great deal of physical coordination to use), the majority we found were known as western style- 洋式 – and featured … Continue reading

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Settling in with an old friend

We have just finished To Kill A Mockingbird. It’s the last book we read every year and to tell the truth, each year I can’t wait to get to it. Not because it signals the coming of summer, but because … Continue reading

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After a long day at work…

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Sun Ra

Today is Sun Ra’s (born Herman Poole Blount 1914-1993) birthday. He was an experimental musician, composer, poet, pianist, and cosmic philosopher. I actually became enamored with his musical accomplishments just a few years ago, long after he died. A student … Continue reading

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Wheel chair dancing

After the wedding ceremony was over and most of the hors d’oevres had been eaten, we all progressed into the banquet room for dinner and dancing. The wedding party, formally introduced, came in and went immediately to the dance floor … Continue reading

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Sabra Road

We’re in Ohio for a wedding this weekend and went to visit the old neighborhood with JB, my brother, and sister-in-law. Our old house had been foreclosed and HUD was now trying to sell it. A neighbor came out and … Continue reading

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