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Lunching on Joe Pye Weed in the east garden

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The day lilies have landed

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T’ai Chi on a bed of roses

There were rose petals all around. My guess— the floral remains of a weekend wedding or at the very least, of a weekend photo shoot for a wedding. Someone said they saw a ribbon adorned with small pearls laying about … Continue reading

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Temporary slice of nirvana

In the garden all day. Putting out fresh compost in the back and front gardens, smelling the newly opened peonies every time I passed them. I walked nearly three and a half miles in the six hours I was out … Continue reading

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Syringa’s reluctance to dally with Pan

My mother was neither a gardener, nor a lover of nature. In fact, once she had a construction guy who was doing some cement work in the neighborhood, come to our house and lay cement over our entire backyard. A … Continue reading

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Absolutely splendid

I spent a solid 8 hours in the garden today (only a ten minute break for some peanut butter) clearing the detritus from last year and planting 5 kinds of tomatoes, 3 kinds of peppers, melons, squash, 2 kinds of … Continue reading

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Ephemeral volunteers

Each day when I get home from work, I examine the flora freshly emerging from the detritus of last year’s bounty. I had forgotten where I planted some bulbs so am pleasantly surprised when unexpected hyacinths, allium, and tulips appear. … Continue reading

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Just like the relationships we celebrate this time of year

Orchids are not easy to care for. They take a bit more discipline and consistency than taking care of normal houseplants. They are more sensitive to regular waterings, do not like their roots sitting in water, prefer a bit of breeze, … Continue reading

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The harbinger of life and warmth to come

On this longest night of the year, we potted some paperwhites that a student gave me on Friday and brought up three amaryllis which have been hibernating in pots inside of closed paper bags in the basement. The amaryllis were … Continue reading

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Mary Delany’s Flowers

I just finished the book The Paper Garden by the Canadian poet Molly Peacock about an 18th century woman on the fringes of aristocracy in England, who, in the last decade of her life, invented the technique of collage, creating 985 collaged images … Continue reading

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