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Infinity Burial Project

JB sent me this link to the artist Jae Rhim Lee, who studied psychology and natural sciences at Wellesley and then did graduate work in Visual Studies at MIT. This science/ art connection is dramatically manifested in her Infinity Burial … Continue reading

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The hardest to fathom

It was really windy today. In fact, on the way to work along Lakeshore Drive I shouldn’t have been so surprised to see how high the waves were, crashing against the shore. At several points the smashing of the waves … Continue reading

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Navigating Daily

Jon Stewart’s commentary and edgy point of view have helped me to keep my sanity in this seemingly irrational political world we navigate daily. In celebration of his birthday today are a couple clips from his show. The first I … Continue reading

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Remembering our names

What an incredibly gracious and sincere woman Maggie Daley was. She was a supporter of the arts and youth development, founder of Gallery 37 (My son took part in the theater division in his senior year in high school) and … Continue reading

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Dimensions of Dialogue by Jan Svankmajer

Jan Svankmajer- a Czech filmmaker, puppeteer, and artist born in 1934- is one of my favorite animators. He has refined and mastered, with obsessive attention to detail, the stop action film technique. Below are three of his short films from … Continue reading

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“The Return of the Subjunctive” by Tamara Madison

Oh, the Subjunctive, May it make its bold return! May it ride back proud In liveried coach, May its two fine horses snort And paw the ground, And, escorted by its staunch Attendants If and Whether, May it descend in … Continue reading

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Stop Coddling the Rich

Two dozen of the rich went to Capitol Hill a few days ago and demanded to pay more taxes. Sounds like an SNL skit doesn’t it? Or Monty Python? “We want to pay more taxes,” Doug Edwards, a California millionaire, said. … Continue reading

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