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My Aunt and the Black Lawn Jockey

My aunt, my mother’s twin, had a black lawn jockey on her front lawn. It appeared some time in the 60s in the midst of the Civil Rights movement. My cousin, my aunt’s daughter, told me that actually her mother … Continue reading

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Twin replantings

On this equinox, I divided and replanted the peony that was first planted over 86 years ago when my mother and her twin were born. Since I first planted them in the front yard about a dozen years ago, the … Continue reading

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The twins’ birthday

The twins are in deep conversation. Just the two of them. My aunt is at the left, my mother on the right. My aunt is complaining about her life, her health, and familial challenges. My mother is comforting her. My … Continue reading

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Birthday Princess

Today is my mother and her twin’s birthday. 85 years old. My mother has had Parkinson’s for some time now. She has lost her independence in the world. Now she is confined, for the most part, to a wheel chair, needs … Continue reading

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Egyptian eyes

There’s always a touchstone when you’re an identical twin. My mother is one and it’s sometimes hard for me to imagine the pressure of the competition of that touchstone. Which one is prettier? Thinner? Smarter? Which one married better? Has … Continue reading

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