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Gregory is a Chopin Ballad

My dear friend Gregory was diagnosed with early onset of Altzheimers when he was only 55. Since then pieces of his brilliant self have fallen away, including his amazing ability to play the piano. He had a concert grand piano … Continue reading

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Glass Slippers by Kay Ryan

Despite the hard luck of the ugly stepsisters, most people’s feet will fit into glass slippers. The arch rises, the heel tapers, the toes align in descending order and the whole thing slides without talcum powder into the test slipper. … Continue reading

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De Duva

I saw this spoof of Ingmar Bergman in 1969(?) as the short (remember those?) before the film Easy Rider. A student of mine came into short films last Friday wanting to see this because his father had told him all … Continue reading

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Breakfast Buddha and Parinirvana after a spinach feta omelette

(Top two photos by JB.)

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Blind as well

My mother is coming home from rehab this Sunday. She has been there since last November after an emergency colon surgery where two feet of her colon was removed. She has undergone quite a bit of physical therapy at the … Continue reading

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Each day you start over

“You can take my order,” the woman in the dark coat said. My student answered, “I just want to put this order in first.” “You can take more than one order at a time,” I chimed in. “That’s what I … Continue reading

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All kinds of research going on

In class today we were quietly reading some material on labor and the Pullman strike which afforded me a chance to touch base with some of my students regarding their research papers. (We will be working on preparing for a … Continue reading

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“Burned Man” by David Huddle

When I was twelve, a man was burned not quite to death at my father’s factory. Recovered enough to walk the town, he didn’t know what to do with himself—a ghost whose scarred, fire bubbled face made you look away, … Continue reading

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A different kind of turnover

The Breakfast Club has evolved into a group of boys. There was one girl I wanted to join but she has been very sick lately and absent a lot from school. Another girl is unable to make our early morning … Continue reading

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Reanimation Library

I have always been intrigued by the graphics of previous generations. There is something haunting, compelling, provocative, sometimes downright humorous about these images. I have often used them in my own art work and have a collection of such books … Continue reading

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