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Matcha Daifuku, Scampi, Rocks, Presqu’ile, and Dragon Netsuke

xxxxx xxxxx xxxJB is 72 today. xxxMH will be 69 Thursday. xxxI will be 64 next Wednesday. xxxWho knows where the time goes?    

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“Yard Sale” by George Bilgere

Someone is selling the Encyclopedia Britannica in all its volumes, which take up a whole card table. It looks brand new, even though it must be sixty years old. That’s because it was only used a couple of times, when the … Continue reading

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Are you Popular?

Coronet Instructional Film 1947

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Like sands through a 57 minute glass…

At this time of year, teachers are feted with chocolate and varieties of teas and mugs and coffees. Occasionally there are home-baked cookies and perhaps a book or two. But this year, I received the best gift ever—an hourglass. Yes. … Continue reading

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M+A “Bam” by Masashi Yakota

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Award-winning short directed by video artist Teppei Koseki.

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Taking all the time in the world

Went to Toledo today to check in on my mother and Chuck. They’re both 85. Mom has Parkinson’s and arthritis. Chuck is having difficulty swallowing and is moving a lot more slowly. They are both determined to stay independent in … Continue reading

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Yesterday morning and last night

I received the following text from my son who is presently teaching English in Japan: A student wrote, “I cleaned my room last morning” and my JTE corrected it to “yesterday morning.” So then the student asked, why “last night” … Continue reading

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Sabra Road

We’re in Ohio for a wedding this weekend and went to visit the old neighborhood with JB, my brother, and sister-in-law. Our old house had been foreclosed and HUD was now trying to sell it. A neighbor came out and … Continue reading

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Reanimation Library

I have always been intrigued by the graphics of previous generations. There is something haunting, compelling, provocative, sometimes downright humorous about these images. I have often used them in my own art work and have a collection of such books … Continue reading

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