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Happy Birthday, Merwin

Today is W.S. Merwin’s birthday. JB first introduced his words to me many, many years ago— evocative, simple, intimate, unpunctuated. He has written over 30 books of poetry, has won numerous awards including two Pullitzers, and has spent last year … Continue reading

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Apples and Honey…with a kick

Today is Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. This holiday is often called the birthday of the world because the world was supposedly created on this date. There are many traditions connected with this holiday, but one of the most … Continue reading

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Lost wedding rings

My uncle’s funeral was today (the husband of my mother’s twin). During the eulogy a story was shared about how my uncle, when he was dating my aunt, would take my mother out too if she didn’t have a date. … Continue reading

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Good fences make good neighbors

For almost 24 years we have had a wooden fence. In fact, just after we moved in, a neighbor down our block found a picket fence discarded in a northern suburb, picked it up in his truck, and gave it … Continue reading

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When is a book a book…

In an attempt to expand my students’ thinking about books and writing, every Monday (so far there have been only three) I bring in a book which pushes the notion and structure of what is a book. We spend a … Continue reading

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JB took this photo of the shadow of our plane landing today, back from Portland. Landing is not always easy to do. It takes some focus, directional acuity, and emotional centeredness to make it as smooth as possible. Though buried … Continue reading

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Karesansui—Sand and Stone Garden

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Japanese Gardens- Portland, Oregon

We’re in Portland for a family celebration and had a bit of time today to visit the Japanese Gardens. It was really hard to decide which photos to post. The weather, the light, (and might I say, the company) were … Continue reading

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Allegory over the river of capital punishment

We have finished reading Haroun and the Sea of Stories. Rushdie wrote this story while he was under a death threat (fatwa) from the Ayotollah Khomeni for writing the Satanic Verses. He was in hiding for ten years and wrote … Continue reading

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Still a work in progress and totally pumped for tomorrow

Because of schedule changes, I teach the last two periods of the day  (along with the third and fourth). By the later afternoon, the kids are tired, wiped out. They are clearly filled with great ideas, even the best of … Continue reading

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