Still a work in progress and totally pumped for tomorrow

Because of schedule changes, I teach the last two periods of the day  (along with the third and fourth). By the later afternoon, the kids are tired, wiped out. They are clearly filled with great ideas, even the best of intentions, but are easily distracted and it takes a lot of effort for them to focus. I have to rethink my paradigm of the afternoon. I have to think more creatively in order to hold and maintain and grow the capacities my students bring to school. I have to better balance the ecology of the afternoon to make sure that I can refocus their energy, replenish their spirits, and stimulate their engagement. Sir Ken Robinson was just the lift I needed to reclaim my center.

Yes, we are still a work in progress…

…and I am totally pumped for tomorrow.

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3 Responses to Still a work in progress and totally pumped for tomorrow

  1. Mrs. Chili says:

    I love Sir Ken. I JUST showed this to my juniors the other day (alongside the RSA Animate version of one of his speeches).

    … did I miss a meeting?…

  2. Will get back after I watch Sir Robinson but just wanted to mention that I used to allow my students a snack in the afternoon. I usually provided pretzel sticks but often allowed them to bring a HEALTHY snack of their own. It may sound like pre-school, but I think kids of all ages need continued refreshment.

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