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Fire and Ice: terminal yin/ yang

Surfing the web, I saw that it is Walt Disney’s birthday today. One of the most famous urban legends about him, of course, is the one that Disney was cryogenically frozen upon his death. Part of this legend had it … Continue reading

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“Robert Frost” by George Bilgere

Over there on the dining room table are just twenty-five of the thousands of essays on the poetry of Robert Frost produced this week alone in the USA, the world leader in essays on Robert Frost. The essays are about … Continue reading

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Good fences make good neighbors

For almost 24 years we have had a wooden fence. In fact, just after we moved in, a neighbor down our block found a picket fence discarded in a northern suburb, picked it up in his truck, and gave it … Continue reading

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Nothing Gold Can Stay

Sometimes working with 13 year olds can be nerve-wracking, challenging, frustrating. Then there are times when they can be, well, …inspiring. At the end of our reading of All Quiet on the Western Front, I ask my students to do … Continue reading

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