Lost wedding rings

my husband's ring

My uncle’s funeral was today (the husband of my mother’s twin). During the eulogy a story was shared about how my uncle, when he was dating my aunt, would take my mother out too if she didn’t have a date. After one of these unique “twin dates” and once they returned home, the twins discovered that their house had been robbed. Apparently my mother would have been the only one home that evening had she not gone with her sister and her future husband. Family legend holds that my uncle saved my mother from possible personal harm by taking her along.

Later I asked my mother for more detail about the story. Apparently the robber took some money from a purse and found, in the top drawer of my grandmother’s dresser, a diamond ring, her wedding ring, which she had removed after her husband, my grandfather, died some 14 years before. The police were called and my mother’s older sister drew a picture of the ring for them.

Three years later, the police contacted my grandmother saying that they thought they might have located the ring. They had just arrested a robber and he had kept the ring and it looked like the sketch of her ring they had in a file. In fact, the thief was wearing it, a most unusual behavior, they said. My aunt was able to identify the ring and it was returned to my grandmother.

So, the good news is that I am working to lose weight. The not so good news is that because of the few pounds I have shed, the wedding ring that JB and I made 27 years ago slipped off my finger— somewhere. I had lost it once before when I was bathing my mother, and it was found a week later at the edge of her bathtub drain. I don’t know if I’ll be so lucky again.

About 10 years ago, JB bought me a diamond ring and I moved the wedding ring we made to my little finger. We had made these rings from waxes we had carved, with a fan shape symbolizing me and a lightning bolt symbolizing JB. The gold we used to cast them was from my mother’s engagement ring, an old cross, some gold fillings.

And so, the ring has disappeared again. Perhaps I won’t get a second chance to find it. I have an inkling, a very small suspicion, that it fell off in my studio and I have slowly and methodically been cleaning the area up in order to look for it. But this is a major search and clean mission and will take some time. Studios, after all, are very layered and piled places.

Maybe if I wait for three years, it will reappear.

Perhaps I just need to let it go for it to come back.

Perhaps I just need to let it go.

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11 Responses to Lost wedding rings

  1. My son, who has only been married for three years, just lost his wedding ring. He was swimming in the sea and it must have come off. I told him that one day when ‘the sea gives up her dead’ he will probably get it back – of course he won’t need it then!

  2. I’m sorry that you lost your ring. I will hope that you get it back and that a great story can be told about it as well.

  3. Big. It adds to my sorrow for some reason. Loss?

  4. Just wanted to say I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Check my post Thursday for details.

  5. Mrs. Chili says:

    We attach significance to things like wedding rings for a reason. I would be devastated with the loss of mine; it’s the answer to the “what’s your most prized possession” thing. Losing it wouldn’t make me any less married, of course, but I have invested such significance to it – it’s such a part of my identity – that I would have a hard time letting go.

  6. Jerome Bloom says:

    HEY “J”





    I HAVE










  7. I’m sorry you lost the ring, and sincerely hope it turns up. Don’t mean to belittle a loss like that – losing your favorite hairbrush is annoying, losing a wedding ring made with such love, care, and history has to hurt a lot.

    However – it IS just a symbol of the love, care, and history you have with your husband, and whether you have the ring or not, nothing can take THAT away from you.

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