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Liberated from technology

On Friday evening my computer crashed. Dead as a doornail. No resuscitation worked. The power cord very dimly blinked with a barely visible orange and then green light, repeatedly flickering. No other pulse detectable. I pulled the plug. And then the battery … Continue reading

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Drawstrings in your ears

As I opened the classroom to students this morning, I locked in on one of my students in the hallway. He had the drawstrings to his sweatshirt in his ears. Thinking he was just goofing around and not wanting him … Continue reading

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“I forgot my phone”

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Grades and narratives go “live”

I just finished all my grades and narrative reports for my students. It’s a lot of work (hours and hours and hours), but actually I’m glad that we teachers need to create narratives to accompany each grade. It affords me … Continue reading

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“It’s like trying to dive into ice.”

We have just begun Fahrenheit 451, which is a perfect book for 8th graders. They are completely blown away that this was written over 60 years ago, because they are quick to spot some of the tendencies in contemporary society … Continue reading

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Thank you, WordPress

I have been looking for an excuse to get an iPad for some time, some justification, some real reason beyond my simple curiosity to entertain myself, I mean explore, the world of apps et al. And I have found it! … Continue reading

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Juggling infinity

I just got an iphone and my friend MH agreed to help me navigate my way through the thousands of possibilities opened by this new technology. He told me that using my laptop would make this exploration easier. First of … Continue reading

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Death and the Powers

Last night we saw Death and The Powers: A Robots’ Opera,  a new opera composed by Tod Machover and developed by the MIT Media Lab, along with the vision of The American Repertoire Theater and Chicago Opera Theater. The main … Continue reading

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Are we making the case already?

It’s a book by Lane Smith, illustrator of The Stinky Cheese Man and The True Story of the Three Little Pigs…..Are we making the case already?! To little kids?!?

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The Sorcerer’s Apprentice in cyberspace

At the end of the summer, my sister and her partner were getting ready to leave on vacation to Michigan’s upper peninsula for camping and hiking. Before they left they wanted to make sure that those who emailed them would … Continue reading

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