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Apocalypse Soon

In the classroom I have had the “Apocalypse Soon” sign for quite a few years. I rescued it after a middle school play when the students were striking the set. It has hung in a variety of places in my … Continue reading

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Introducing Fahrenheit 451 for the last time

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Fahrenheit stream of consciousness

When we read Fahrenheit 451, I have the students (8th grade) write a response to each of the parts, right after they have read it. I encourage them to let it be stream of consciousness about their reactions to the … Continue reading

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One star Amazon reviews for Fahrenheit 451

I’ve been trying to read some of the “modern classics” that I never got around to. Good thing this one was really short because it was a rambling, boring, snooze fest. While the premise of this story is an interesting … Continue reading

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Bradbury Slam

Yes, once again, it was the Bradbury Slam to end the winter quarter. All the 8th grade students have just finished reading Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 and they were asked to write a short story in the style of Bradbury. … Continue reading

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The photo above is the epigraph at the beginning of Fahrenheit 451. We have talked a lot about this in class including the fact that Juan Ramon Jimenez was my favorite author in 6th grade after I read his Platero … Continue reading

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Constitutional catharsis spiced with a little Bradbury

Today was the annual burning of our Constitution tests. We are required to destroy these nationally mandated tests because of the off chance that someone might share them with an upcoming class hence giving them an unfair advantage. I mean, … Continue reading

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Memorizing as a radical and political act

Many years ago, I traveled to Madrid to visit some friends who were living there. One evening we went to a party at the home of one of their acquaintances. There was lots of communal flamenco dancing, fiery and bold, … Continue reading

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“It’s like trying to dive into ice.”

We have just begun Fahrenheit 451, which is a perfect book for 8th graders. They are completely blown away that this was written over 60 years ago, because they are quick to spot some of the tendencies in contemporary society … Continue reading

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“Keep on writing, Thomas.”

Ray Bradbury died yesterday at 91. He was a prolific author and claimed to have worked to write 1000 words a day. As a blogger, I’m lucky to write a couple hundred and certainly these few are not as imaginative … Continue reading

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