Liberated from technology


On Friday evening my computer crashed. Dead as a doornail. No resuscitation worked. The power cord very dimly blinked with a barely visible orange and then green light, repeatedly flickering. No other pulse detectable. I pulled the plug. And then the battery in my phone, which has been acting screwy for some time–like reading 100% battery power and then after a 5 minute phone call going down to 18%— up and gasped its last. It was so serendipitous that all of this happened on this very weekend when the snows were blowing and blustering. In fact, school was closed on Monday because drifts were gigantically high. The cosmos is definitely sending me a message. Much like my post from January 15, when the internet was down for several days, I find myself reevaluating technology in my life.

Today at school IS gave me a loaner computer. The Apple store replaced the battery in my iPhone for free. I am pretty much all connected again. In fact, this is the first moment that I have been able to post a blog since I was devoid of technology for the last almost four days. I have to admit, it was nice. There were no emails to access let alone answer. Work was unable to crawl into my at home space. There was only that stunning sunshine on that very white snow, absolutely glowing through our windows. I read. I went through files tossing out two bags of recyclables. I organized laundry, vacuumed, watered plants in the house, sorted through mail. JB and I made pancakes for breakfast and then prepared a new batch of daikon pickles. I replaced a button on my favorite flowered slacks and shared some leisurely tea and conversation with my son. After gathering together my grains for morning cereal, I went to bed early.

I am more and more inclined to turn off technology when I am home. It’s a kind of liberation I haven’t felt in a long time.

(photo by JB)

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