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Happy Halloween

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Sandy in Chicago

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Electoral College System for grades

As part of our exploration of the US Constitution, we discussed today the pros and cons of the electoral college system. We had already spent some time in serious discussion about the roots of this system steeped in the slaveholders’ … Continue reading

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This moth is no dummy

Yesterday JB got a new printer and in the course of setting it up and cleaning all the dust that had accumulated around the old one, he discovered a moth that was hanging out near the lamp on his desk. … Continue reading

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“A Pot of Red Lentils” by Peter Pereira

simmers on the kitchen stove. All afternoon dense kernels surrender to the fertile juices, their tender bellies swelling with delight. xxxx In the yard we plant rhubarb, cauliflower, and artichokes, cupping wet earth over tubers, our labor the germ of … Continue reading

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Only 537

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Leave each other’s bumper stickers alone

OK, this is the third time this has happened this year and it happened once four years ago as well. Right in front of my school. My Obama stickers are being defaced. The past two times donuts have been … Continue reading

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“You Don’t Own Me”

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Wet and stitched light

Hard to see in this photo, but on misty mornings on my way to work before the sun has risen, the lights on the drive create a kind of quilt —the lights are the part that has been sewn with … Continue reading

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To turn, turn will be our delight

I have a wonderful student– bright, engaged, and creative– who has a unique and extraordinary talent. She is pictured above writing out the Preamble to the Constitution — upside down. Yes, this is, in fact, how she writes and has … Continue reading

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