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Bach’s 329th Birthday and our 29th Anniversary

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Gregory and the gift of Chopin

Today is Chopin’s birthday and all I am remembering is my friend Gregory playing this composer’s works on his piano in his and Michael’s home in Evanston –the home they moved into on the very day that our son was … Continue reading

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Leonard Solomon’s Majestic Bellowphone, Oomphalapompatronium, and the Emphatic Chromatic Forte Calliopianope

Leonard Solomon has been called the Dr. Seuss of street performers and after watching his musically whimsical performances on his unusual and imaginative hand-built instruments, the moniker is more than apt. He studied guitar and early music at Antioch College and … Continue reading

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Leonid Hambro’s “Happy Birthday, Dear Ludwig”

I first heard this many many years ago sitting in the living room of very dear friends of mine, who first introduced me to fine wines, gourmet cooking, opera, and classical music.  Using recognizable themes of Beethoven’s work, Hambro (who … Continue reading

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Lalah Hathaway

Oh yeah! A former high school student at the Chicago Academy for the Arts (while I was teaching there), Lalah Hathaway, was recently nominated for a Grammy!

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Dubstep 451

We have just finished reading Part I of Fahrenheit 451 and got into a discussion about whether this futuristic society wasn’t a bit like our own. I asked the students for examples. There were the expected sort of answers–video games … Continue reading

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“Praise Them” by Li-Young Lee

The birds don’t alter space. They reveal it. The sky never fills with any leftover flying. They leave nothing to trace. It is our own astonishment collects in chill air. Be glad. They equal their due moment never begging, and … Continue reading

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The rhythm method

I have two very kinesthetic students. They are also very charismatic so when they get to tapping or drumming or banging on their desks, it moves others to join in the percussive activity. I know these two students are actually … Continue reading

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Marian McPartland 1918-2013

Marian McPartland died today at 95. We saw her many times when she came to Chicago to perform. Once we took IB with us and we sat right up front, close enough to see her fingers on the keyboard. After … Continue reading

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Let’s Go to Peru

This is the first ep album by a couple of my former students. The singer was a bold, passionate, and opinionated 8th grader well-loved by this teacher and her peers, the guitarist a brilliant writer, reader, and cartoonist. They are … Continue reading

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