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Zen java

We had brunch today with IB and AI. IB made coffee for us using his new Japanese pour over equipment, called the Nel drip. It is not so surprising that the japanese have perfected this slow, methodical, precise method of … Continue reading

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Through Phyllis Diller glasses

I had lunch with Mom today at her retirement home. We sat with Yvonne and Inez and ate chicken tenders and french fries. Inez shared a couple stories about growing up on a farm and the pet crow she had … Continue reading

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Two paintings were saved…

…from Taco Diablo, Evanston IL, where my son had a job as a bartender until today, about 2:30am this morning. ————————————————————————————————— (edited) from Taco Diablo December 31, 2013 We are in a state of shock, it’s very surreal and has left us … Continue reading

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“Do Everything”

Today we toured the F.E.W. distillery in Evanston. Though the name refers to crafting small batches of whiskey, rye, and gin, the name is also the initials of Frances Elizabeth Willard, president of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union from 1879-1898, … Continue reading

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At the Field Museum, in the Colombian World’s Fair exhibit, a sign speaks of the disappearance of the carrier pigeon. To commemorate its demise, I stare at a stuffed version of itself displayed in 1893. Yesterday I sat in a … Continue reading

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I-94 Ice Show

…12/24/13, iPhone 5,  2:34:17, 2:34:48, 2:37:14 pm.

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It’s a Wonderful Life—finale

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Like sands through a 57 minute glass…

At this time of year, teachers are feted with chocolate and varieties of teas and mugs and coffees. Occasionally there are home-baked cookies and perhaps a book or two. But this year, I received the best gift ever—an hourglass. Yes. … Continue reading

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Michelangelo’s Shopping List…

…for his cook who was illiterate.

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Bradbury Slam

Yes, once again, it was the Bradbury Slam to end the winter quarter. All the 8th grade students have just finished reading Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 and they were asked to write a short story in the style of Bradbury. … Continue reading

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