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At the Field Museum, in the Colombian World’s Fair exhibit, a sign speaks of the disappearance of the carrier pigeon. To commemorate its demise, I stare at a stuffed version of itself displayed in 1893. Yesterday I sat in a … Continue reading

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Making a life from the fragments and the shards

What is art? How does one create significance and address sacred issues, life issues with words? How can art cross from the specific and the personal to the larger and more universal spaces of meaning? How can personal pain transform … Continue reading

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A miracle of choreography of heart space

We were out tonight with long time friends (35+ years?), eight of us in all. GM (I have written about him before), one of the eight, was diagnosed with early onset of Altzheimers about 10 years ago and has progressively … Continue reading

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Sacer and Profanus in Lincolnwood

Some years ago, actually many years ago, I was moved by a lecture on the sacer and the profanus and how these concepts related to the world of art. The profanus is the prescribed world, the world that can be … Continue reading

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Gregory is a Chopin Ballad

My dear friend Gregory was diagnosed with early onset of Altzheimers when he was only 55. Since then pieces of his brilliant self have fallen away, including his amazing ability to play the piano. He had a concert grand piano … Continue reading

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For Michael and Greg

I met my dear friend Michael over 30 years ago when we were both wait staff and bartenders at Jerome’s Restaurant in Chicago. His partner, Greg, whom he had recently met at the time, became an immediate friend as well. … Continue reading

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In the Table/ On the Wall

Last night was our first public art display in our home by artists other than ourselves– “Michael collects and Gregory paints.” In a previous post, I described our new Amish built display table for our living room, which has allowed … Continue reading

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