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Message on the window sill

Every night my husband has a routine. He checks the front and back doors of the house. He opens the door, closes it; then he locks it, unlocks it, locks it, puts on the back and front lights. Last night … Continue reading

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Confluence of calligraphy and henna

Lalla Essaydi is an artist who grew up in Morocco. Her work is about the confluence of arabic calligraphy, culturally and historically done by men usually in the transcription of the Qu’ran, and of henna painting traditionally done by women … Continue reading

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Shards, scraps, and snippets

We visited my aunt last Friday afternoon. Living out of town, I haven’t made this pilgrimage for over two years. She is my mother’s 88 year old older sister. My brother, sister, and I walked into the home and immediately … Continue reading

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Cranberry Lime Salsa

Ok, you might think it’s too late, but it’s not. Really. We have been making this awesomely delicious cranberry salsa for the last 20 years, not just for Thanksgiving, but to accompany any meat dish. It’s more like a chutney, … Continue reading

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Dr. Margaret Burroughs

Dr. Margaret Burroughs died last Sunday night at 95 years old. She was a powerful voice for the African-American community through her art and her commitment to build institutions which would sustain and inspire African-American cultural heritage in Chicago and … Continue reading

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The Sorcerer’s Apprentice in cyberspace

At the end of the summer, my sister and her partner were getting ready to leave on vacation to Michigan’s upper peninsula for camping and hiking. Before they left they wanted to make sure that those who emailed them would … Continue reading

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The Lemon Test

Today was the Constitution test. It’s the big one. The kids have been pretty freaked out about it because they have to pass it in order to pass eighth grade. It’s the first time they are experiencing a test that … Continue reading

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A witty and uncanny simpatico

Evelien Lohbeck is a young video artist from the Netherlands, who cleverly plays with the line between fantasy and reality. Her work reminds me of the early experiments with animation at the end of the 19th century. Below is an … Continue reading

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Why I really love teaching

Yes, I love working with kids. Yes, I love helping them to deepen their understandings of themselves and the world. Yes, I want them to feel accountability and responsibility to the larger community in which they live. Yes, I want … Continue reading

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Uncovering Senorita Rio

I have always loved comics. I got to read a lot of them when I was growing up because my uncle owned a book and wine store in Ohio and he always had piles of them to give away to … Continue reading

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