Zen java


41HILX29VML._SX466_We had brunch today with IB and AI. IB made coffee for us using his new Japanese pour over equipment, called the Nel drip.

It is not so surprising that the japanese have perfected this slow, methodical, precise method of brewing coffee. It is almost ceremonial watching the brewer pay such attention to its ritual. In fact it seems more like a tea ceremony with its deliberate focus on the detail of its process.

IMG_0666This brewing method is a drip method, through a cloth funnel hanging from a wire hoop. The cloth is kept wet always and in the refrigerator. Beans are rough ground. The drip carafe and cups are warmed with hot water, as is the cloth funnel bag. The precisely measured grounds, 24 grams for four small cups, are placed in the bag. The aerodynamically designed water pot (pictured above and to the right) is balanced perfectly for pouring a steady stream of hot water over the grounds. The first pour gets the grounds wet and causes a “bloom” to appear. Three more pour overs are made in 30 second intervals.

And yes the coffee is incredibly delicious, rich, not acidy and very flavorful.

Because it took so much care and time to make, one is compelled to take one’s time in consuming it. I paid more attention to its aroma and I took small sips. It is definitely not the brew-and-go type coffee experience.

Usually coffee drinking is intended to help us awaken in the morning. We all look for that jolt of caffeine to get us moving. This is a waking up in a very different sense. This was a reminder to slow down, pay attention, and savor the moment. This was a cup of zen java reminding us to be here now.

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