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“Dismembered Big Boy: Yes, Officer, That’s His Pompadour, All Right”

When I was a teenager in Toledo Ohio, my friends and I would always go to Frischs’ Big Boy after or before events. Sometimes going to Big Boy was the event itself. We would usually order cokes and french fries … Continue reading

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13 and 14 year olds on a beautiful spring day

This is a photo of some of my students on our way back from visiting our “little buddies,” a group of kindergartners with whom we have partnered. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Communal power nap

We have our first test of the school year next Tuesday and today we were discussing three scientific findings that I thought might help the students to study better for that test: 1. There is some evidence that physically writing … Continue reading

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Today my students taught me “Cups.” In fact, they were at it all day. First during advisory, then at the beginning of tutorial (study hall), and then at the end of Humanities class. I got to be pretty good. “Cups” … Continue reading

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Free exercise

Yesterday was a pretty intense day. It started at 6:30am with a thin woman in her 2013 BMW who rear-ended me on Lakeshore Drive. My new Prius C may be totaled. (More on this when I’m ready to talk about … Continue reading

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I teach middle school students…

….need I say more? (I love my job.)

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In the first part of the year my students and I discuss what truth is, how we can navigate through the flood of rhetoric and persuasion we are exposed to every day. We read the diary entries of the British … Continue reading

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Tavi and Rookie

Each year I give my students a personal survey, a list of many questions I want them to answer that help me learn who they are. On several of the completed surveys this year, I learned of a website for … Continue reading

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