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Albert Nobbs

Spring break is nearly over and JB and I spent a great deal of time in the evenings watching films (thank you, Netflix). We saw two Japanese films, I Wish and Adrift in Tokyo, the Korean film Walking on the … Continue reading

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Chag Sameach!

(JB’s photo)

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The Thrill of Balance

The man who performs in these short videos is Maedir Eugster, an awe-inspiring performance artist of the Rigolo Swiss Nouveau Cirque, which he co-founded and has co-directed with his wife, Lena Roth, since 1978. Eugster was trained at the Paris Ecole Nationale … Continue reading

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Morning at the Botanic Garden

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Second Night clean-up

We don’t have a dishwasher, well, except for the humans who live in this household. Usually after a big dinner party, JB and I get all the leftovers into the refrigerator and then first thing in the morning, we work … Continue reading

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A koi birthday!

JB has been enamored with fish, specifically koi, in his latest paintings and is filled with the latest trivia on the koi’s origins and history (information you didn’t even think of wondering about — like how koi are different from … Continue reading

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Another Palm Sunday

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Spring works really hard in our front garden

Fern lifts heavy rock which was lying flat on top of it all winter.

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Surprise Sauna at the Conservatory

(JB took the third photo.)

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Food Fights for Freedom

We found a delicious looking bean dish in the New York Times and decided to try it out today. It called for white beans and when JB brought up the glass container the beans are in, he said, “Hey, remember … Continue reading

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