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Demonic and crazed

I suppose this is not the best way to think about children just before they show up for class next week, but I had to laugh at these portrayals of children in ads from the fifties. Demonic and crazed, these … Continue reading

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Digestive ecstasy

JB and I started a tradition last year of starting the school year with a delicious dinner at Kendall College Culinary School. This year, once again, we had an amazing taste experience, made even more delicious by the presentations and … Continue reading

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Before breakfast

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Talk about an incredible work out…

We have a Schwinn Air-Dyne in our house that I have been using fairly regularly to get my heart beat up, to make sure my blood pressure stays down. Though there is a Bally’s nearby, using the bike in the … Continue reading

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“All the Difficult Hours and Minutes” by Jane Hirshfield

This last week, Jane Hirshfield came out with her new volume of poetry — Come, Thief.  “All the Difficult Hours and Minutes” is one of the poems from this new collection. All the difficult hours and minutes are like salted plums … Continue reading

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Sensing the earthquake…

OK, maybe it’s because of our near encounter with a possum that my ears are alert to stories about wildlife. JB shared with me today that the animals in the Smithsonian National Zoo in DC were aware of the earthquake … Continue reading

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Letters at the halfway mark

School is starting in a week. I always send a letter to my new students, trying to get them excited about the ideas we will be exploring in class and giving them a glimpse of who I am–an artist, gardener, … Continue reading

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There was a huge rainstorm, fast and furious, on Saturday and as per usual our basement flooded. JB and I have a routine. After the water goes back down the drain, we mop and rinse the basement floor, followed by … Continue reading

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Fujinuma Noboru

What is beauty? How can a simple basket evoke such visual pleasure? Is it the intricacy and careful detail? Is the curve itself so archetypically graceful, sensuous, provocative? Why does the observation of the obvious craftsmanship feel so intimate? Fujinuma … Continue reading

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Heart rocks, fossils, and urban jewels

This morning was spent at the lake–collecting heart rocks, fossils, and urban jewels (beach glass); listening to the waves, soaking up some sun. The lake is an uncomplicated place to find center, be mindful, and hold stillness… …life is good.

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