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“Dream of Ink Brush Calligraphy” by Karen An-Hwei Lee

xxxx xxxx In prayer: quiet opening, my artery is a thin shadow on paper— margin of long grass, ruderal hair, sister to this not yet part of our bodies your lyric corpus of seed in rough drafts of pine ash, … Continue reading

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Kodo drummers

For Valentine’s Day, JB and I went to see the Kodo drummers. These drummers combine athletic prowess, music, dance, and rhythmic drumming in their performance. They come from Sado Island off the coast of Japan where they train and create community. … Continue reading

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“You Are What You Eat”

Mark Menjivar, photographer, has produced portraits of people through pictures of their refrigerators in his series “You Are What You Eat.” I first heard of him through a podcast of the Splendid Table, and was fascinated with the whole project. … Continue reading

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Snow moon

This is JB’s picture of February’s Snow Moon. Magical, haunting. It is also known as the Hunger Moon or Wolf Moon (for obvious reasons to our ancient predecessors). Tonight we are observing the moon’s fully lit hemisphere with the earth … Continue reading

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Looking with amusement

I have to admit that my interactions with my mother and her husband have not always been characterized as those filled with joy and abandon. Usually we deal with one real or potential crisis after another and overlaying it all … Continue reading

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Peter Lamata

Peter Lamata‘s “Rain and Line”

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“Honda Pavarotti” by Tony Hoagland

I’m driving on the dark highway when the opera singer on the radio opens his great mouth and the whole car plunges down the canyon of his throat. So the night becomes an aria of stars and exit signs as … Continue reading

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