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Savoring Japan for just a bit more

Bleary-eyed (note out of focus picture above), we couldn’t quite give up Japan so soon. Needed sashimi, seaweed salad, and udon before crashing into a well-deserved sleep. We knew we had some time for supper before sleeping, because we landed … Continue reading

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Walked through miles of tori gates today in a soft rain, a sea of snaking orange gates up and down the side of a mountain, surrounded by tombs protected by stone wolves, misty forest, and sacred mysteries.

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From basho’s grave to the Buddha high in the mountains in Otsu

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Moving sushi

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Graduation at Sendai-Chuo

These are some of IB’s students (who are looking at him) just after elementary school graduation (6th grade). They are just about to gather with the rest of the graduates for a group picture. The rest of the elementary students … Continue reading

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Surprise wabi sabi found at the ocean

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Wabi sabi

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