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Tavi and Rookie

Each year I give my students a personal survey, a list of many questions I want them to answer that help me learn who they are. On several of the completed surveys this year, I learned of a website for … Continue reading

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Better than a Red Bull

I was really tired today, emotionally wiped out. Yesterday we had parent/ student/ teacher conferences. I was booked all day from 7:00am through 4:00 with a half an hour break somewhere mid-morning. This morning I certainly did not feel the … Continue reading

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Beautiful inside and out

I’m not what you would call a fashion queen, though I do have my own distinct quality in how I dress. In fact, I am more like an anti-fashion queen. I sport a kind of world, folky, ethnic style. I … Continue reading

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Fashion with integrity

Yesterday was my first day back to school. This is a week filled with teacher meetings, planning, and reclaiming the classroom after squads of overzealous cleaners have piled bookcases and tables with whatever was in their way while trying to … Continue reading

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