As the foundations of democracy threaten to crumble and crash, as decency and tolerance and moral imperative seem to become more and more invisible (non-existent even), as animosity and hatred replace civil discourse, in the midst of all this, a real miracle has occured. A very real miracle.

My son and daughter-in-law had a baby. A beautiful and healthy baby boy.

We are lucky that they live in same city as we do. After getting tested and quarantining, we have become a pod. That means we can all be together in one of our homes without masks. We can touch and hug and share food. These are also miracles under our present circumstances.

The baby is totally vulnerable, open, without protection or artifice or defense. When holding the baby, the world falls away. One’s focus becomes protecting the baby, alert to responding to his each and every need. Being totally and utterly caring. Being totally and utterly present in the moment. A glimmer of hope makes itself abundantly apparent, lifting all.

This wonderful and amazing miracle has arrived.

A reminder of the goodness, blessing, light, and love we yearn for. A reminder that there are still miracles.

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3 Responses to Miracles

  1. Susan says:

    Beautiful, Jan, so happy for all of you and your love filled pod, what a gift Eddie is. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. GrandPops says:

    Thanks for your reassuring thoughts and words you are Love personified I am along for the
    journey wherever we go.So Happy to have Eddie as our star Guiding us and Jessie ,Isaac and
    Su-Mei as navigators

  3. mhorvich says:

    Definitely a MIRACLE! Love to you and Jake, Jessie and Isaac and Eddie, Su-Mei Liang and Joe Liang, Kay Yourist and Susan Minard.

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