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Fiddlehead ferns for dinner

We first ate fiddleheads in Japan, in Kyoto, in a spring tempura dish. We were charmed not only by its visual on the plate, but also by its fresh spring taste. Tonight, to accompany our omelette, we sauteed some garlic, … Continue reading

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A message and image from out of the cosmos

My son had shared with me some time ago that on Facebook, if people who are not your friends, send you a message, you never know. There is a spot in messages labeled “Other” where all those messages go and … Continue reading

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Moto no aware

I took this photo of Sakura (white cherry blossoms) and Ume (pink plum blossoms) three years ago in Kyoto after walking through miles of bright orange tori gates at Fushimi-Inari. In Japan the timing of sakura blooming is closely monitored and when … Continue reading

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The Canterbury Tales begin

Today in 1387 is when scholars claim that Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales begin. The pilgrims start in Tabard Inn where the Host suggests that there be a competition in storytelling between the 31 pilgrims (counting the Host) to entertain themselves on their way to … Continue reading

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What happens when 8th graders finish their homework

They draw with a permanent marker on your hand.

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Abraham Lincoln’s favorite poem

Lincoln wrote about this poem, “Mortality” by William Knox (Scottish poet 1789-1825), to his friend Andrew Johnston (not Johnson!): I would give all I am worth, and go in debt, to be able to write so fine a piece as I … Continue reading

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Ephemeral volunteers

Each day when I get home from work, I examine the flora freshly emerging from the detritus of last year’s bounty. I had forgotten where I planted some bulbs so am pleasantly surprised when unexpected hyacinths, allium, and tulips appear. … Continue reading

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