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I was surprised while shopping last weekend to find scuppernongs at Whole Foods. While reading To Kill A Mockingbird every spring at school, the students always ask what a scuppernong is. Harper Lee uses the term at least three times. I … Continue reading

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A lot better than shredding

My mother requested we burn all the bills and other personal papers that she and her second husband saved for the duration of their marriage (over 34 years). Actually, it may have been the burning of the bills Part I, … Continue reading

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Requiem for a squirrel

The front garden was a mess. One of the peonies I had replanted was dug up, the carefully curving path of pea gravel distorted with lots of dirt and debris, and a dead squirrel pushed under a log. It looked … Continue reading

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Acing our first serve

The other night, JB and I were munching on some fruit on the back porch when we saw a raccoon stretching himself on one of our compost containers in the backyard. When we stood to get a better view, we … Continue reading

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Eisenhower’s finest moment

56 years ago today, the Little Rock Nine entered Central High School for their first full day of school accompanied by the 101st Airborne, sent by President Eisenhower to protect them and keep them safe. The governor of Arkansas, Governor … Continue reading

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“Mediterranean” by Rosanna Warren

—when she disappeared on the path ahead of me I leaned against a twisted oak, all I saw was evening light where xxxxxxxxxxxx she had been: gold dust light, where a moment before and thirty-eight years before that my substantial … Continue reading

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Not a cloud in the sky…


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The gift of cadaver bone

I’m getting an implant for my front tooth, but this is a long process and may take as long as a year to complete. Last Friday I had what was left of my front tooth pulled. Then the dentist needed … Continue reading

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Twin replantings

On this equinox, I divided and replanted the peony that was first planted over 86 years ago when my mother and her twin were born. Since I first planted them in the front yard about a dozen years ago, the … Continue reading

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More open at Open House

Last night was Open House, the time parents come to school, visiting all their child’s classes and teachers. I used to get all nervous about it, but for the last several years I have been increasingly laid back. Sometimes these … Continue reading

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