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Bach’s 329th Birthday and our 29th Anniversary

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“Onset” by Kim Addonizio

Watching that frenzy of insects above the bush of white flowers, bush I see everywhere on hill after hill, all I can think of is how terrifying spring is, in its tireless, mindless replications. Everywhere emergence: seed case, chrysalis, uterus, … Continue reading

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“Guarded” at the Art Institute

In the Christopher Wool retrospective at the Art Institute, JB and I were greeted by one of the guards who asked us what we thought of the exhibit. JB had answered he felt the work a bit depressing. I mentioned that … Continue reading

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Rose La Rose and the last gasp of burlesque

In conversation with friends last week, I was reminded of a time in high school when I was in the musical South Pacific as Bloody Mary. (I always got the secondary humorous leads.) There is a scene in the play … Continue reading

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Romanian Pot le gel

My Romanian grandmother (my mother’s mother) used to make this dish and when I was young, I hated it. My mother would put great big dollops of it on her salad instead of dressing or slather it across thick slices … Continue reading

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Matcha Daifuku, Scampi, Rocks, Presqu’ile, and Dragon Netsuke

xxxxx xxxxx xxxJB is 72 today. xxxMH will be 69 Thursday. xxxI will be 64 next Wednesday. xxxWho knows where the time goes?    

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“The New Rule” by Rumi

It’s the old rule that drunks have to argue and get into fights. The lover is just as bad. He falls into a hole. But down in that hole he finds something shining, worth more than any amount of money … Continue reading

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White Crane

Today in Qigong class, our teacher explained the eighth treasure of the form, the white crane series. This series of exercises, she said, stimulated the kidneys which is the center for health and longevity and for which the white crane … Continue reading

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Centering Beauty

Michael Gardener, ceramic artist.

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Spring sunrise

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