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A live feed from the live feed

JB and his good friend DC went to Wisconsin this last weekend looking for artisan cheeses, eagles, and cranes. They stopped at the Chamber of Congress in Prairie du Chien to find out where any eagle nests were, but actually … Continue reading

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What happens when 8th graders are only a few weeks from graduation

We took a vocabulary test today. I think my students are ready for summer… When we use the word caliber in reference to a person, what are we referring to? How big they are around? Their waist size? What is … Continue reading

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Books come to life

From the New Zealand Book Council…

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Jade Buddha

In celebration of our son’s birthday, we went out to breakfast yesterday. He lives just a block away from the Truc Lam Buddhist Temple in Chicago.  In an incredibly vibrant, colorful, and high energy carnival atmosphere, we discovered that a … Continue reading

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10:00 am

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Searching for El Greco

Where are the El Grecos? They moved them. They used to be with the Spanish artists. No longer. We walked through the hallways looking in the galleries. They hadn’t put them away, had they? Into storage or something foolish like … Continue reading

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Miracles happen

We just finished reading All Quiet on the Western Front. In our last discussion of the book, my afternoon class spent nearly 45 minutes talking about the last page and a half of the novel. OK, this may not be … Continue reading

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Orlando over 400 years

JB and I went to see Orlando: A Biography, Virginia Woolf‘s novel adapted by Sarah Ruhl, performed at Court Theater. This layered work, chronological from Elizabethan times to present day, is overlaid with a dreamy narrative and gender bending/ changing … Continue reading

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Oxymorons by William Matthews

Summer school, and jumbo shrimp, of course. Friendly fire, famous poet, common sense, and, until very recently, safe sex: Blind date, sure thing, amicable divorce. Also there’s loyal opposition, social security, deliberate speed. How about dysfunctional family? Eyes blackened, hearts … Continue reading

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