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Remembering a rainy day in Japan

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Five Paragraph Martini

Class started out with a discussion of the structure of argument and essay. I explained that though I was obligated to teach this prescriptive format, the idea was that at some time in the future, years from now, once the … Continue reading

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Happy 50th, Jonathan Stuart Liebowitz!

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The information age ushering in a silent workplace

On the way home from work today, I was listening to NPR and heard a segment about how office machines today are nearly silent and that a piece written for Expo 1964 by the Swiss composer Rolf Liebermann would be … Continue reading

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“Who Burns for the Perfection of Paper” by Martin Espada

xxxxxx At sixteen, I worked after high school hours at a printing plant that manufactured legal pads: Yellow paper stacked seven feet high and leaning as I slipped cardboard between the pages, then brushed red glue up and down the … Continue reading

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Constitution Nexus

I am immersed in the reading of my students’ Constitution Nexuses. They have created their own versions of what the Constitution says, as one way for them to prepare for the test we had the week before Thanksgiving. Though they … Continue reading

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My mother’s refrigerator

Refrigerators are those unique places in people’s homes where usually images of family and friends, shopping and to do lists, recipes and favorite sayings often appear. You can often read the intimate heart of a home by the informality of … Continue reading

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