Constitution Nexus

I am immersed in the reading of my students’ Constitution Nexuses. They have created their own versions of what the Constitution says, as one way for them to prepare for the test we had the week before Thanksgiving. Though they have the creative opportunity to make these books their own, of course reading the same material in lots of different and mostly not so diferent ways, can get a bit tedious. It’s those strange typos, misspellings, and mistakes they make that have made the afternoon go by a bit more quickly—

“We all have a right to a jury by our pears.”

“If the president is impeached, the Chef Justice presides.”

“Our congress is divided into the Senate and the Hose of Representatives.”

“…the right to assemble peaceably and petition the government for redness of grievances.”

“A quorum is the number of people you need to abduct to do business.”

“James Madison, one of the farmers of the Constitution…”

“All debts uncured by the national government…”

In one student’s essay, after commenting on all the changes over time and amendments which she suspected would need to be added in the future, she said, “However, the Constitution would be a lot longer then. So I guess I’m lucky to take the test in this century and not the next!”

Who said this document was not flexible?

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  1. Mrs. Chili says:

    Okay; I LOVE this post….

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