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I’ll see you later. MUCH later.

My mother called me a couple of weeks ago from her assisted living facility in Ann Arbor. My sister was with her and they used her facetime. “This is the last time you will see my face.” “What do you … Continue reading

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“Grandma’s in the car.”

Last Friday I took my mother to the hospital to get her battery replaced for the DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) she has for her Parkinson’s disease, which helps to control her dyskinesia. We had to be at the hospital in … Continue reading

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Making an impression

One of the stories my 86 year old mother shared with me on the ride to see her Parkinson’s doctor in Toledo: “So, there’s a new guy at Hillside, a nice looking man, and they sat him at my table. … Continue reading

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Taking care of loose ends

Today my mother and I straightened out the timing of her Parkinson medications with the nurse in her retirement home. We measured new pants my sister bought her to see if they needed to be shortened. We ate chocolate. I … Continue reading

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Taking all the time in the world

Went to Toledo today to check in on my mother and Chuck. They’re both 85. Mom has Parkinson’s and arthritis. Chuck is having difficulty swallowing and is moving a lot more slowly. They are both determined to stay independent in … Continue reading

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When is a book a book II

In a continuing effort to expose my students to books that play with format and structure in unique and creative ways, as well as possibly providing evidence for why we need to continue to publish books we can hold in … Continue reading

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Egyptian eyes

There’s always a touchstone when you’re an identical twin. My mother is one and it’s sometimes hard for me to imagine the pressure of the competition of that touchstone. Which one is prettier? Thinner? Smarter? Which one married better? Has … Continue reading

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Negotiating dignity

My mother has Parkinson’s and her husband is presently going through treatment for prostate cancer. They are both 83. My mother has had surgery for DBS where a probe has been implanted in her brain which has greatly improved the … Continue reading

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