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Annotating To Kill a Mockingbird

My student’s amazing graphic annotation of To Kill a Mockingbird.

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Someone is happy spring is here!

…or upset they’re still in school.

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Patterned tapes

This photo is of a personalized computer one of my students brought to school today to complete work on a research paper. She used a variety of patterned tapes to create this visual menagerie. At first I thought she had … Continue reading

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Foner or “ma hand”

Sometimes, for an 8th grader, late on a Thursday afternoon after a very long review of Reconstruction, drawing “ma hand” is a lot more compelling than reading Eric Foner.

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“Grace Paley” by John Skoyles

At Sarah Lawrence, a student gripes that each morning when she tries to write, nothing happens. She sits and sits, and files her nails. Sips more coffee, types a bit, gets up to spray her failing plants. “Grace,” she asks … Continue reading

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Fahrenheit stream of consciousness

When we read Fahrenheit 451, I have the students (8th grade) write a response to each of the parts, right after they have read it. I encourage them to let it be stream of consciousness about their reactions to the … Continue reading

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“Oh no I got distracted by drawing lines on my hand.”

A student has been sharing with me the peripheral entries in her journal/notebook after class on most days. Today, and with great pride, she showed me her entry in her journal and then the actual hand it was based on … Continue reading

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Rose La Rose and the last gasp of burlesque

In conversation with friends last week, I was reminded of a time in high school when I was in the musical South Pacific as Bloody Mary. (I always got the secondary humorous leads.) There is a scene in the play … Continue reading

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Lalah Hathaway

Oh yeah! A former high school student at the Chicago Academy for the Arts (while I was teaching there), Lalah Hathaway, was recently nominated for a Grammy!

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Flash cards

The Constitution test is a week from Wednesday. Studying this document is a right of passage for the entire 8th grade. They have been hard at work parsing out the 18th century language, dealing with lots of intense vocabulary and … Continue reading

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