Better than a Red Bull

I was really tired today, emotionally wiped out. Yesterday we had parent/ student/ teacher conferences. I was booked all day from 7:00am through 4:00 with a half an hour break somewhere mid-morning. This morning I certainly did not feel the energy I needed to get a class all excited and inspired about their upcoming research project.

Before my first class we had a levels meeting, a meeting where all the teachers of 8th grade students meet to discuss students, curriculum, pedagogy, upcoming events, middle school, student (and teacher) behavior, all things 8th grade. We were all dragging.

When I walked into the meeting, the math teacher, who always wears a flannel shirt neatly tucked in his jeans (and who also knows on what days all of his tests fall before the year even starts—well, actually, I think all the math teachers know this), turned to me, looked me over, and said, “If you have to wear clothes, they might as well be interesting.”

It was better than a Red Bull. I was pumped for the whole day (well, maybe most of it).

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4 Responses to Better than a Red Bull

  1. We got to see this “outfit” in person!

  2. From that picture, those are definitely some interesting threads!

  3. myfriendmissmiller says:

    you’re lucky- we have conferences AFTER our school day. they start right on the dot at 2:45, we can’t even leave for coffee… and we continue to stay at school until 9:45 AT NIGHT… i don’t complain about much, but it is pretty horrendous.

    hope they went well 🙂

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