Drawstrings in your ears


As I opened the classroom to students this morning, I locked in on one of my students in the hallway. He had the drawstrings to his sweatshirt in his ears. Thinking he was just goofing around and not wanting him to puncture his eardrums, I said, “Why do you have the drawstrings of your hood in your ears?” He said, “I’m listening to music.” Huh.

He wasn’t kidding. It’s a Hoodie Buddie. The drawstrings are actual headphones and in the pocket there is an attached cord one can use to plug into an iPod or phone. And—-here’s the best part—- it’s washable.

Ah technology. Well, so much for not wearing headphones in school.

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3 Responses to Drawstrings in your ears

  1. Next the DVD will be inserted into one’s a**h**e!

  2. Jerome Bloom says:





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