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Grades and narratives go “live”

I just finished all my grades and narrative reports for my students. It’s a lot of work (hours and hours and hours), but actually I’m glad that we teachers need to create narratives to accompany each grade. It affords me … Continue reading

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Narratives at the cafe

I was at a local cafe today to work on grading a few papers, writing the narrative reports for my students, and determining their final grades, all of which is due before 8am Monday morning. The idea was that there … Continue reading

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Fado and writing narrative grade reports

Today I am hunkering down writing grade reports for my students. JB is upstairs in his studio working on his art. JB has put some Fado music on. Fado music is a portuguese genre of music with lyrics that are mournful and … Continue reading

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The whole picture of them

I have been working on grades all day—writing narrative assessments about each one of my students. I will probably be working on them all day tomorrow too.  Though it is a lot of hard work and a piece of me … Continue reading

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