Apples and Honey…with a kick

Today is Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. This holiday is often called the birthday of the world because the world was supposedly created on this date. There are many traditions connected with this holiday, but one of the most prevalent and practiced is the eating of apples dipped in honey. This is a symbol for all to have a sweet year.

This year, we and some of our friends have created a new apples and honey tradition, Calvados (apple brandy) and Honey Liqueur.

What better way to bring in the new year with just a little more kick, to add a bit of emphasis for the desire for a sweet year to come for all.

Two parts Calvados to one part honey liqueur was heavenly.

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5 Responses to Apples and Honey…with a kick

  1. Jerome Bloom says:






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  3. Two of my favorite things!

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